Bathroom Projects

Why You Need to Separate Dry And Wet in the Bathroom

If you visit hotels or other houses, you may notice that some houses have parts in their bathrooms or comfort rooms that are exclusively for wet and parts that are exclusively for dry. However, there are some bathrooms that do not have this kind of division. The wet and dry parts are mixed together in which there is only wet in the bathroom.

It is important to have dry and wet separation in the bathroom. This is to avoid molds as well as accidents. You want to keep your bathroom safe and clean. If your entire bathroom is wet as it does not have dry and wet separation, then it will be more difficult to clean. It will also be really slippery. With this, to have dry and wet separation, you may use elevation for the dry part of the bathroom such as the place for the sink and the toilet bowl. You may also use a shower door or a shower curtain that will also serve as additional decoration. Another way to decorate your bathroom while having dry and wet separation is by means of toilet rugs. With these rugs, you dry out your feet to enable yourself to walk on the dry floor without worries of slipping.

You also need to separate the other parts of the bathroom that should be dry such as cabinets, the items in your vanity, and others. You don’t want the side of your sink to always be wet. That way if you use electronics such as hair dryers, you are not worried about electrocution. You also don’t want your clean towels to be wet. You want to give them time to dry. Same with your rugs, you don’t want them to get wet from the sink or from the shower.

Dry and wet separation in the bathroom is really essential for sanitation as well as safety. It is a must and it should not be ignored when having your bathroom constructed and when purchasing bathroom items.