Wall Sconces And Decors That Make Your Walls Bloom

Take a look at these well-recommended wall sconces and decors from Ballard Designs that are sure to brighten up any space in your home:

There is romance when there is a candlelit fixture on the wall enhancing the loving atmosphere. Makes you fall in love all over again. It is handmade and the candle cups are metal lined.

You would love the rustic appeal of our tobacco basket wall decor. They add a countryside feeling to the area. Strong double straps of natural rattan will meet your eyes when you see this charming wall sconce.

It’s best paired beside a mantle or mirror, and it gives a flickering but intimate appeal to any room. It is iron crafted with 3 jewel-shaped antique looking mirrors.

It’s an appealing geometric shape on your wall, but with a beach vibe. They are handmade layered iron rings with the thickness of cotton twine.

You’ll be able to imagine you’re vacationing at the beach when you stare into this charming wall sconce. It is handmade from several natural oyster shells that are hung in drapes over a metal frame.

Bring over the safari to your surroundings with this remarkable wall decor. They are made of intricately woven natural rattan over strong wireframes. You can put up these wicker animal heads in your living room or over your bed.

The warmth of candlelight is added to the charm of your dining area, bedroom, or living area. Artisans have created for you a magnificent walk sconce for a rustic look. Its mirrored back reflects back the flickering light it projects.

It is architectural geometry at its best on your wall. Place it strategically on the wall of your hallway and for sure, your guests can’t walk straight because they have to stare at its beauty.