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Top 8 Items To Transform Your House

If you want to transform your house, it is better to start with the wall and furniture transformation. You can start with hanging calendars and photo frames. This list will help you choose the right path for your house transformation.

It is one of the perfect calendars to keep on your desk. The papers are placed on a walnut wood board with the help of a brass clip. You can get it in Sherif, bold, script, foil-bold, foil-Sherif, and foil-script styles.

If you are looking for a calendar with a personal touch, you should select this one. You can upload twelve photos to the website and the company will make a perfect calendar for you. All papers are held on a wooden board with a silver clip.

You can use this calendar only on walls. You can give a high-resolution photo to the company to get the custom-built calendar. It is better to tear the photos on every new year and hang them on the wall separately.

It is a masterpiece because of the brass easel. You have to send 12 photos to the company to get the calendar. There is a large picture on the upper part of the calendar.

It is a sophisticated frame with premium paper and an ultra-thick mat. It is ready to hang on the walls when you receive it. You can get it in four styles of frames with the paper or Flexi-style backing.

It is an elevated metal frame to hang your pictures on the wall in a premium style. You can get it in black, graphite, and brass color. The frame size ranges from 8*10 inches to 40*30 inches.

It is a perfect choice if you are looking for something special for your favorite space. It is a transparent frame with bolts near four corners. You can get it in brass and black color. The size ranges from 12*14 inches to 42*30 inches.

It is a perfectly sized wood ledge to place many favorite prints on the walls. You can get it in 12 inches, 18 inches, and 27 inches size. It has a thin grove to hold the photo prints.