7 Sideboards That Complete Your Home

Sideboards are needed to store cutlery or can also function as a buffet to entertain guests. Apart from its function, a beautiful and stunning appearance is also required. Let’s take a look at some of the options below.

Beautiful sideboard with a luxurious gold list. With the perfect height for placing items on it. Has 3 doors and 3 drawers which are easy to open as they are equipped with metal slides.

Antique Italian sideboard, inspired from the 18th century. Has 3 drawers above and 2 doors below with ample and adjustable storage space. The top is encrusted with gray porcelain. Right place in the dining room or corner of the room.

Having a unique color and texture, the Sumter sideboard has 4 central drawers for wine storage flanked by 2 storage doors with ample space and is invincible. The panel door is covered with raffia cloth which adds to its appeal.

Decorated with a natural raffia texture to create a beautiful and warm look from this sideboard. It is neatly designed featuring 3 drawers on top and 3 doors below, wide enough for a place to store items. The mahogany veneer is strong and durable. Have 2 color choices.

Antique and charming, Thaddeus sideboard gives a classic feel to your room. Made with a slightly high profile but perfect for serving a buffet. Have 2 drawers in the middle for storing tablecloths or cutlery flanked by 2 doors beside it for more storage.

Made in dark charcoal tones, the Nicola Sideboard will look modern with a European touch. It has 3 cabinet doors with antique mirror panels that peek behind a bronze metal grid. The storage space has 1 reliable shelf, which can store your cutlery.

Paradiso sideboard has a unique design with concave sides, wide at the back. Lined with linen panels in white paint and wood frames painted gray, make your buffet event dazzling. Equipped with 2 drawers at the top, and 2 storage doors at the bottom.