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12 Beautiful Prints & Frames To Capture Your Special Moments Forever

If you’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” you know the truth isn’t far off! We have so many ways to capture both important social events as well as personal ones. The internet may be forever, but it’s nice to have these moments in print to remind us of precious times and to show others. If you’re looking to capture a memory to showcase, there are plenty of ways to begin on Artifact Uprising []! Take a look at this list of prints, frames, and other fun ideas we compiled to help get you started:

If you’ve taken a trip you want to immortalize forever, this is the perfect way to do it! With everything from a customizable cover to customizable book sleeves, this would be an elegant addition to your coffee table.

Being born during a pandemic is rough! Help your baby get a head start with this custom board book to learn family members and other important words.

Looking for a place to display all your prized prints? Look no further! This simple yet chic wooden shelf will display them quite nicely.

This little wooden calendar is the perfect gift for baby-loving grandparents. Not only will it look cute on their counter, but it will also remind them of your little loved ones every single day!

If you’re looking to personalize a corporate space, this little photo block adds the perfect sophisticated touch to your office. It’s available with a Birch or Walnut finish!

For those with a bit more creative intuition, these everyday prints give you room to move and design as you please. Cute as little gifts or mementos, or even for a collage on your wall!

If you’re looking for a sleek industrial look, these frames would be perfect to adore your artwork or family portraits. Available in Black, Graphite, or Brass!

For a unique hang, this clamp is the perfect fit for that eccentric print you’ve been dying to put up!

This cute block works similar to the aforementioned shelf, with a little divide to prop prints up running through the middle. This would make a wonderful accent for a side table without getting too fancy!

If social media is Your Thing, these little Instagram-friendly photo books would be a great addition to your collection! They come in an adorable 5×5 size as well as 8×8.

For a sheer, timeless look, these floating picture frames would be a fantastic addition to your decor. They can bring an element of magic to any sort of style! Available with a Black or Brass finish.

If you’re looking to forever memorialize your special day, Artifact Uprising has a premium package that will satisfy all your needs and wants. Take a look at all their canvas prints have to offer; you won’t be disappointed!